New Programs

Tripoli Contemporary Art Exhibition


The contemporary art exhibition organised by the non-profit organisations BEMA and Studiocur/Art will take place at Niemeyer’s international trade fair on September 2018. Following the success of The Silent Echo at the Museum of Baalbek, the exhibition in Tripoli will draw attention to the Lebanese modern heritage by shedding light on the unique architectural legacy of Oscar Niemeyer, one the greatest architect and urbanist of the past century.
This international exhibition will include Mexican and Lebanese renowned artists giving back to this public space its original function which is to serve not only as an international trade fair but also as a place for art and culture. The selected artists will take part in a year-long cultural exchange between Mexico and Lebanon and a research program at BAR (Beirut Art Residency). Curated by Karina El Helou and Anissa Touati, the exhibition will present the works of fifteen artists to name only few of them: Marwan Rechmaoui, Jalal Toufic and Zad Moultaka.

The thematic of the exhibition will revolve around the notion of cycles, philosophy of history and the perception of time. Natural and historical cycles regulate our lives and the universe, as Mircea Eliade noted: each civilization has a different relationship to History. For example in India : History is not central but Being (L’Etre) is more important. While in the Middle East, Ibn Khaldoun wrote in the fourteenth century: « When the universe is in a turmoil, its nature is changing. It is important that a historian studies the state of the world, countries and civilizations, to indicate the upcoming changes. This analysis will allow to forecast and guide. » The different commissioned artworks will analyse the contemporary conception of cycles through historical and mythological cycles while taking into consideration the contexts of Mexico and Lebanon. The exhibition will travel after Lebanon to MAZ Museum in Guadalajara , Mexico.

Both countries, Mexico and Lebanon have shared a historical friendship, with around 400 000 Mexicans of Lebanese descent living in Mexico today. This would be the first significant cultural exchange between the two countries, and will no doubt offer a different perspective in the arts, showing two emerging, promising and vibrant art scenes. A specially Lebanese-Mexican pavillion will be designed by Bernard Khoury to seal the friendship of both countries and remain for a month at the fair. In parallel, as a longstanding partnership of BEMA and Studiocur/Art with the Ministry of Culture, art installations will be on display during a month at Tripoli’s citadel, a site dating back to the 11th century also known as Alq’at Tripoli.

Curators: Karina El Helou & Anissa Touati (Studiocur/Art)
Expected Date: September 22nd, 2018